All of our products went through three phases: vision, patience, and execution.

"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."

Mahatma Gandhi

Document Standardization & Generation

eCcenTrix has developed Dr Docs while being part of the Microsoft ISV program. Dr Docs manages the lay-out and the company information inside your documents as well as standard content that forms part of your documents. It doesn't generate content.

eC-CNA (Client Needs Analysis) has the ability to generate content of any document based on the web form or questionnaire that was set up and selected.

These two products are independent of each other but can be configured to work together.

Dr Docs

Dr Docs is a web-enabled, easy to use, document template generation product .

It stores your Company information in a database, this includes directors, registration numbers, VAT numbers, logos, Financial License Numbers and various other information that is in the header and footer part of your documents. It also manages all your standard document content with or without macros. Dr Docs caters for simple to complex Company structures such as holding companies, branches, divisions, divisional branches, divisional directors, branch representatives etc.

An administrative user changes company detail using Dr Docs. The system automatically flags the documents affected by the change for generation. A scheduled task runs in the background and generates all flagged documents. The product also contains an on-demand generation tool for generating individual documents when required. All your company documents are up to date with the click of a button!

Key Benefits
  • Save Money and Resources - one person to do all the company documents
  • Standardize your Company documents
  • Have a single set of documents - take control!
  • Documents contain accurate Company information
  • Change the document lay-out or implement a new Corporate image in seconds
  • Multi-Level Security features
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Single Company or complex Company structures
  • Automatically generates documents when information change
  • Warns if company detail has changed and document not generated
  • Employees use documents from a central repository via the intranet or extranet
  • Network enabled: Automatically transfers documents to Regional servers
Download Dr Docs Brochure

eC-CNA (Client Needs Analysis)

eC-CNA is a web-enabled, easy to use, document content generation product that can be used by consultants, legal advisors or call center agents to name but a few. eC-CNA shortcuts the manual process of creating documents based on a Client's response to certain questions. It can be used for several divisions within a company, generating contracts, legal documents, proposals, requirement specifications etc., based on the questionnaire that was created.

The product has the unique capability of allowing scripts to be configured based on a selected answer, question or section. The script will be displayed upon selection and has to be read before continuing. The script can be configured to form part of the document or be excluded completely.

Another unique feature of eC-CNA is the ability to schedule content that should be included in the document but not displayed during the questionnaire, based on a specific answer, question or section. This feature makes the product perfect for generating contracts and legal documents.

eC-CNA has an artificial intelligence capability where sections and/or questions can be configured based on a specific answer. If, for example, the question "Would you be interested in subscribing to our magazine?" was asked, and the answer "Yes" was selected, the Subscription and Payment sections would become mandatory else it would be ignored.

Key Benefits
  • Generate content based on questionnaire
  • Management information available per questionnaire
  • Document saved on database with version control
  • Multi-Level Security features
  • Customizable
  • One product to generate documents for all divisions in company
  • Share sections and questions across questionnaires

Farm Management & Breeding Stock Control


Farming has become a science and is serious business. Investing in livestock is a risk at its best. eC-Farming enables a farmer to manage both the financial and farming side of his business with a single product. eC-Farming is fully customizable and can be set-up to conform to current business processes and procedures.

eC-Farming manages income, expenses and capital expenditure per supplier, account and type of account. The farmer can now see exactly how much is spent on feed, veterinary costs per supplier or cost to date. It produces financial statements for a specific period, supplier, account, account type with a click of a button.

eC-Farming lets you keep track of your animals per Batch, Feeding group and know its location at anytime. It allows the farmer to track the history of each animal including Weight, whom it was bought from, previous camps/ location, current location and feeding groups. Buyers sometimes want a specific type of animal with certain characteristics, finding such an animal without a product similar to eC-Farming would be impossible.

Key Benefits
  • Multi-partner enabled
  • Manage income, expenses and capital expenditure per supplier, account and type.
  • Capture Transactions and Transaction Detail with separate VAT amount fields
  • Extract Financial Statements to Excel - your accountant will love you!
  • View status, location and condition of animals graphically or in a single list
  • Breeders & Suppliers are kept separate.
  • Medical Condition database - capture all diseases with symptoms for reference
  • Cheap to farmers

Other Business Solutions


eC-Surveys is a Company Employee survey and test generation solution.

Do you need to know how many employees are using a specific type of software and who they are? How proficient are they? Who needs training?
Do you want to know if your employees know about a new policy and whether you need to schedule an information session?
Do you want to test how much your employees know about a certain topic?

eC-Surveys makes it easy to know what goes on in your Company and identify specific needs and requirements!

Administrative users can quickly setup Surveys or Tests, set the end date of the Survey, customize the Email message that has to go out to the Employees in the Distribution list and Publish the Survey or Test. eC-Surveys allows an Administrative user to specify the format in which the Questions and Answers will be displayed for the Survey. The Preview function makes it easy to view the Survey before it is published, it also allows for the Survey to be exported to Microsoft Word in order to send it to Employees who do not have Internet or Intranet access.

The invited Employee will receive an email with the message and a link to the site. Employees will use the Username and Password assigned to them to log onto the site. Once they've logged in, they will see a list of Surveys/Tests which they have been invited to. If a Survey is still active and not past the end date, they can start the Survey. The status of each Employee survey is recorded. Once the Employee has indicated that he/she is satisfied with their aswers, the status is set to Complete and he/she can not alter the answers unless the Administrative user resets the Survey status.

Analysis Reports let you to view results in a graphical manner and allows you to drill down to Job Title and Employee level. The Non-Administrative Users will only be able to view the reports.
Example of the Analysis Report
By clicking on the Question, the Job Title Analysis Report will be displayed for each Answer to the Question.
Example of the Job Title Report
By clicking on a specific Answer a list of Employees that selected the Answer will be displayed.

Key Benefits
  • Employee specific for needs analysis, knowledge testing etc.
  • Configurable Survey lay-out and formatting
  • Management Information per Survey with drill-down capability
  • Conduct Surveys per Business Unit, Division, Job Title or an Email Group.
  • Employees can save their Survey and continue at a laster stage!
  • Supports Matrix type Surveys
  • Monitor the status of an Employee Survey - has it been Opened, Completed or Busy.
  • Analysis Reports make it easy to view the results.
  • Multi-Level Security features
  • Publish Survey to selected employees or per Business Unit, Cost Center or Division
  • Send follow-up email messages to invited employees based on the Survey status
  • Timed Surveys and Tests


eCcenTrix has developed several Customer Relations Management solutions over the years. We are currently busy putting all the seperate modules into one product, eC-Biz. The CRM modules are Client Entertainment, Sales Tracking and Retail Integration. Please contact us for a quote if you require an affordable CRM solution.