About Us

Who we are

"OUR MISSION IS to provide our Clients with the BEST POSSIBLE Information Technology (IT) infrastructure at the BEST POSSIBLE price."

Elbie Louw - eCcenTrix Founder and CEO

eCcenTrix is an IT solutions and services company servicing both small businesses and corporate giants equally well. We empower our Clients' business by being a seamless extension of their IT systems or being their complete IT department.

We provide products and services that contribute to happiness in all of its forms. Our products and services are always affordable. We even accept payment in kind as eCcenTrix sees fit, based on the products or services a Client has to offer.

We deliver fixed price, fixed deadline solutions - you always know what you get and there are no hidden costs.

Our Clients benefit from our years of experience in various industries of the corporate world. We don't pretend to be corporate developers, WE ARE! That is why our Clients, big or small, stay with us for life.

Whether you're in one location, many locations, several countries or multiple continents, we service you cost-effectively and efficiently.

Our Skills

Custom Software Development
Desktop Applications
Web-enabled Applications
Application Integration
Database design, development & support
Legacy Application Development - COBOL, DB2
Various Computer Languages including C#, VB.NET & PHP

"My philosophy is that life is all about learning and growing, and that life can be a real adventure of learning, growing, compassion, and joyfulness."

John Mackey

Why are we "doing IT differently"?

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

George Patton

Thinking 'outside-the-box'

We are not trying to be weird or different but over the past five years, our unique and fresh approach towards our projects helped our Clients to be more competitive in their individual industries by opening new possibilities and challenging their assumptions, making them different from their competition! We like to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) Simplicity requires a certain amount of ruthlessness not carelessness.

We help you to do things differently!

You are reading this because you need the services of an IT company to assist you in one way or the other. You want to do SOMETHING differently. Our business is to assist our Clients in, not only getting what they require, but making sure the outcome fits in with their current business and vision!

We are constantly learning new skills!

In the IT sector, as many others, things change at a rapid pace. We don't jump on just any bandwagon that comes along. We look at our current skill set and the time to master, our current Client and prospective Client requirements and how the new technology will enhance their experience. We are constantly learning new skills and are applying it to projects as they require it.


We hate bad service and so does everyone else but most people just accept mediocre attempts because nobody really expects EXCELLENT SERVICE anymore. At eCcenTrix we go out of our way to ensure that you get THE BEST service possible by providing you with a 'from-start-to-finish' service. If your project needs a third party vendor to complete your requirements, we will assist in the selection and manage the project in order to give you an EXCELLENT ONE STOP SERVICE! It makes things easier, doesn't it!

"If you haven't got the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over?"

Jeffery J. Mayer

Our History

eCcenTrix was started at the beginning of 2002 when the founder member, Elbie Louw, got retrenched from a South African dot com company, Tanua Technologies. She has been in the IT industry since 1988, doing development for corporate companies like Telkom, UNISA, Standard Bank etc.

Our Vision IS..

Our vision at eCcenTrix is to grow eCcenTrix into a client centric corporate company, extending our offerings worldwide, and continue developing products that will make businesses more productive and efficient and to start a software development village on the farm, training the underprivileged talented school leavers to be successful software developers and designers who can compete on the international market.

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."

John F. Kennedy

The solutions we deliver are of exceptional quality and affordable. We deliver solutions with your vision in mind. Our solutions are but a phase of your long term goals.