The Process

How we do IT

eCcenTrix sees every project we undertake as a phase of a bigger project, whether it is a web site for a small company or a big application for a corporate Client, we design and develop it in such a way that future projects and products can integrate seamlessly with the initial project. Below is a diagram on how we approach our projects.

Phased Development Approach

  1. FOUNDATION - Creating a foundation to build on to e.g. a basic web site for a small company or the back office functionality of a big application.
  2. FUNCTIONALITY - Additional functionality e.g. back office functionality of a basic web site or an accounting module for a big application.
  3. MODULES - Adding modules to the existing project is easy and can be done as finances becomes available.
  4. APPLICATION - Finally a full-blown application that the Client can maintain without eCcenTrix' assistance!
This approach makes it easy to develop additional modules as a Client sees fit and is flexible enough to make changes to subsequent project specifications without impacting the cost of a project too much.

Our phased approach to projects

The Process

Each project we undertake undergoes the same process regardless of how big or small the project seems. For large projects, implemented according to the phased approach described above, we do the complete system analysis, identify the logical phases according to the 'BIG PICTURE'. Each phase would implement the process below to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Because of our approach and processes, we can offer our Clients a fixed-price-fixed-deadline service.

  • 01

    You have an idea and contact eCcenTrix

  • 02

    We meet and define the scope of work

  • 03

    eCcenTrix performs Analysis

  • 04

    eCcenTrix produces a Quote/Proposal

  • 05

    You accept the Quote/Proposal

  • 06

    eCcenTrix starts with development and prototype

  • 07

    Together we do acceptance testing

  • 08

    Project Sign-Off or Phase Sign-Off when applicable

  • 09

    eCcenTrix implements the solution

  • 10

    Train staff where necessary

  • 11

    We Celebrate!


Our Process